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Monday 30 May 2022

EPL: Neville reveal why Guardiola, Klopp decision ‘scary’ for Premier League.


Former Manchester United defender, Gary Neville has claimed it is “scary” for the Premier League that Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have decided to stay at Liverpool and Manchester City respectively.

Between them, Klopp and Guardiola have won the last five league titles.

The City manager has now won back-to-back titles, after seeing off Aston Villa in a dramatic 3-2 win last Sunday.

Liverpool are looking to complete the Treble, when they face Real Madrid in the Champions League final this Saturday.

Neville has told the Overlap, that it will be a “worry” for other Premier League teams that neither man looks ready to leave their respective clubs.

He said: “The worry for the rest is, that I thought these two managers would be gone two or three seasons ago.

“I thought ‘they’re going to do four years, five years, and then they’ll go, that next challenge will come – Barcelona, Real Madrid, wherever the next challenge is’ – the problem is now they’ve both embedded themselves into these two clubs.

“They recognise that the league’s the best it’s ever been, the rest of the leagues in Europe aren’t in a stronger position, the clubs that they’re at are giving them everything that they want and more, and they’re now going to be here for another three years maybe, four years and that’s the scary thing.

Klopp has signed a two-year extension taking him to 2026, which will be 11 years after he replaced Brendan Rodgers.

Guardiola, who joined City in the summer of 2016, has just one year left on his contract, though has given no hint that he plans to leave the club in 2023.

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